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Episode 2: Suspicion

The team was commissioned by Alma to further investigate the Annulus rings. They met up with Karin Ulrich, a member of Alma Nostra and a reference librarian for Anahata. Karin uses object reading to find out where the Annulus rings originated, and has a vision of a woman in white standing in a temple. This leads them to investigate the Sai-buda Temple in Rebus, and eventually causes the team to suspect that they may be involved in the appearance of the Annulus rings.

They infiltrated the chapel, first by sneaking in with the aid of Karin's clairsentient sight, and again when Ahriman pretended to be a great rilkan painter by the name of Ghirartaelle, and bluffed his way into the temple under the ruse that he was commissioned to paint a fresca on the ceiling.

In the chapel, they were amazed by the sight of a massive diamond statue of a woman, surrounded by a disc of opaline that looks identical to the Annulus. They met with a woman claiming to be the Sister of the Diamond Mother, but she ended up being an assassin who had apparently been expecting Aerie to show up. A brutal battle ensued, and everyone was badly beaten. However, they managed to finally corner the elusive and deadly assassin, but he teleported away before they could kill him- and took with him a large pearl from the crown of the Diamond Mother idol called the Pearl of Cosmic Thought.

They discovered their assailant was an assassin called the Misericorde, named after the weapon of a legendary hero. After some scrutiny, Alma and Ahriman deduced that the incidents were unrelated, but they decided it would be best to stay on guard against not only the Annulus ring trading, but also against any further attacks by the mysterious Misericorde.

Before everyone wanders off to treat their wounds, Disa confronts Alma, and tells her she needs to be careful, because "even the most skilled falconer may get clawed." Alma accepts her warning with thanks, and is left to wonder why the warforged reminds her so much of someone in her past. Meanwhile, Adrian and Karin leave Anahata to eat in the nearby cafe, but they exchange words. Adrian reveals that he knew that Karin's vision was a fake, and she claims she was merely trying to get them to stop Misericorde. She then tells Adrian she knows all about his own goals, and he tells her to be very careful of what she does. She asks him if that is a threat, and he smiles with a disturbing amount of insincerity, and says that he'd never dream of threatening her. She then says that she might have to kill him, but then laughs and says she loves how they can joke with each other.

New Characters-

Karin Ulrich
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Seer
Age: 27
Alignment: Unknown

Karin is a member of Alma Nostra, and also the reference librarian for Anahata. She is a talented precognitive, and is capable of providing excellent support to her teammate by means of psychometry and clairsentience. She is a warm and friendly woman, fond of reading, and impressed by men of education.

Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Class: Mystic Ninja
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Unknown

An assassin named after the legendary weapon of the ancient hero, Marra. He stole the Pearl of Cosmic Thought from the Sai-buda Temple in Rebus, and seems to have some sort of opposition to Alma Nostra in general.

New Terms-

Anahata- An Alma Nostra base, where Aerie is located. It is in the direct center of Rebus.
Svadisthana- An Alma Nostra base to the south. Ahriman was transferred from there, where he served on part of the team that developed medicinal synthrite. It is located in the city of the same name.
Synthrite- A mind enhancing drug that increases the psionic strength of it's user, and has a side effect of clairsentient visions.
Opaline- A jade-like stone that has a lot in common with ectoplasmic crystal. It is the material from which the Annulus and it's minor rings were created.
Sai-buda- A transcendantal religion that has a temple in Rebus. Camui is a practitioner of this belief.
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