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Episode 3: Sloth and Gluttony

Alma awoke the team early in the morning to alert them that a new mission had come up. She told them that a series of unusual burglaries had been plaguing the Diamond District. These burglars had not only stolen a large amount of jewels and art objects, but have also taken many magic items. Alma was concerned that a surge of illegally obtained magic items on the black market could be dangerous, so she sent Ahriman, Adrian, and Tyler to investigate.

The trio first went to Lord Warden in the Diamond District. Ahriman encountered a dark-skinned magician who was making demands of the owner of Lord Warden. This man was able to detect when Adrian read his thoughts, and said he knew Ahriman from somewhere. Ahriman said he must have been mistaken, but became notably shaken after the encounter. They then interviewed the owner of Lord Warden, who explained that he had only the highest level of magical traps and alarms placed on his shop, and that whoever has been stealing from them must have been doing so through the use of extradimensional magic.

They then interviewed Elethel, the owner of Ancestor's Call. His story matched the owner of Lord Warden's. While investigating the shop, Adrian and Tyler saw a man lurking in the alley behind the shop. They cornered him, but discovered that he was just a local gambler hiding out from some loan sharks.

Then, circumstance brought them to the Aine Institute to the south of the district, where they discovered that a shipment of synthrite had also been stolen. The perpetrator did so in the same fashion used by the burglars in the other cases, but this time someone managed to catch a brief glimpse of him. He was described as a man wearing a nondescript black hooded robe.

The team further investigated the town, questioning locals and checking out areas businesses and suspicious happenings. They came across a store selling fake magic items, a hidden treasure in a local park, and a local nomad offering his services to the masses. The nomad told them that he had detected some dimensional distortions in town.

The team stopped for a bite to eat, when suddenly a scream from a local art gallery interrupted their meal. A man in a black robe moving at incredible speed darted past them with an armful of priceless art. Ahriman took to the air, and the team chased the man around town. It is then that they discovered the man's secret- he was, in fact, an ethereal filcher disguised as a man by magic. Ahriman finally managed to corner the filcher, but it escaped into the ethereal plane.

The next day, they managed to find the filcher's den by seeking out the source of the dimensional distortions in town. The filchers had nested in an abandoned well behind Von Muir's House of Music. The team climbed into the well, where they discovered that the filchers were being controlled by a morbidly obese, levitating sorcerer named Granmiglone. Granmiglone had recently had his license revoked for misuse of magic by Alma, so he had subjegated the filchers in order to steal magic items that he felt he was entitled to own. However, due to the filchers' nature, they ended up stealing much more than that, and Granmiglone acquired a massive hoard of treasure as a result.

Granmiglone was incensed when he found that the team was from Alma Nostra, and they had been sent to arrest him. He commanded his squadron of filchers to swarm and attack, and then he took to the air, and surrounded himself in a shell of protective magic. Ahriman took after him by flying, and Tyler and Adrian became surrounded by grasping, biting filchers. Ahriman found little luck in assaulting the overly defended mage.

The battle raged on, and slowly the filchers were beaten back, but they had been unable to land a single hit on Granmiglone. Finally, Ahriman and Adrian tagteamed the corpulent glutton- Ahriman hailed him with crystal shards from above while Adrian animated the very treasure he had collected and set it on him. Eventually, his magic faded, and he was low of magical power and health. Fearing for his life, he teleported to safety with the last of his strength, only to be arrested by Alma Nostra representatives outside of town.

Meanwhile, back in Alma Nostra, the team returned the stolen goods to their rightful owner. Alma rewarded the team with new equipment and a sum of money.

New Characters-

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Sorcerer
Age: 46
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Weighing in at a whopping 435 pounds, Granmiglone was once a well known member of the Bretheren of Sorcery, but he was removed from their ranks after a debaucle involving a gross overuse of his power. Granmiglone's obese form is a side effect of a curse placed on him by the Bretheren upon his exile, causing him to take a shape appropriate for one of such sloth and gluttony. Even despite his crippling condition, he will not be hindered in his constant search for power and sensation, and uses powerful magic for the most simple of tasks. He has slowly lost the ability to travel great distances over the years, relying on levitation and teleportation magic to move even short distances. He is the textbook example of not only the harsh effects that an over-reliance on magic can have on society, but also a classic case of someone who "swats the fly with a sledgehammer". In combat, he floats from a safe distance above his quarry, and puts up elaborate and complex barriers to protect himself from harm. Once he feels safely tucked away, he hammers away at even the weakest of foes with maximized fireballs, energy draining attacks, and mighty earthquakes. After being weakened by Adrian, Ahriman, and Tyler, he escaped, but was captured by Alma's Robins and Falcons, and taken to Sahasrala to be "quieted."
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