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House Rules

Campaign Setting: Homebrew, high psionics, Eberron styled. Playing with magic/psionics transparency, with a few minor exceptions.

Character Points-
Each level, characters recieve one character point (CP). These points can be spent to improve the power of the character overall. The following list shows how character points may be spent.

4 CP- Increase one ability score by 1 point, as you would every fourth level.
3 CP- Gain a feat, as you would every third level.
2 CP- Retroactively modify one of your existing class levels by making it a gestalt level. Starting at the lowest unmodified level, you may change one of your existing class levels by splicing it with any available class of your choice. You gain the best of both classes in terms of attack bonus, saves, hit dice progression, and skill points. You also gain all proficiencies, restrictions, and class features associated with the spliced class. Upon doing this, you must reroll your first hit die, and adjust the result accordingly. You can never have more gestalted levels than half your current hit dice, however.
2 CP- Learn a new power (or spell, if applicable) from your class list. This power must be at least 1 power level lower than the highest level power you can manifest.
2 CP- Make any one cross-class skill a class skill for your character.
1 CP- Increase your hit die result for any level by 2.

Innate Psionic Abilities: Discipline psions gain 1 psi-like ability based off of a level 1 power from their discipline list. Seers can use detect thoughts at will, nomads can use detect teleportation at will, etc.

New Classes: Two new classes will be available for PC choice- the harmonizer and the mystic ninja.

Available Classes: Psion, Psychic Warrior, Soulknife, Wilder, Psychic Rogue, Fighter, Rogue, Monk, Barbarian, Samurai, Ninja, Swashbuckler, Scout, Harmonizer, and Mystic Ninja. Magic-using classes are available on a case by case basis. Variant Rangers and Paladins from the Complete Warrior are also available.

Available Races: All PHB races, all XPH races, and the rilkan and skarn races from Magic of Incarnum are available (although, their incarnum abilities do not exist). The starting character level is 6, so characters with level adjustments are allowed, provided their starting level does not exceed ECL 6. Templated characters are available at the discretion of the DM.

Prestige Classes: All prestige classes are available on a case-by-case basis.

Other Rules:
Each player can have up to 2 characters. These characters can both be active at once, but you can only play one at a time. This means that one character must remain off-duty in Aerie HQ while the other is out on a mission. In some rare cases, a player will be allowed to play 2 characters at once, but this is at the DM's discretion, and will not be happening regularly.

Each non-psionic character is required to take the Hidden Talent feat on Level 1. Naturally psionic races are exempt from this rule, as are classes that have gestalted Psychic Warrior, Psion, Wilder, Soulknife, Psychic Rogue, Harmonizer, or Mystic Ninja levels.

This list is not yet complete.
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