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The World

Welcome to the world of Maya, a world where magic reigns supreme.

In this world, many people suffer at the hands of irresponsible magicians who wield the power of the universe for selfish purposes, and the ancient artifacts created by these individuals are sought after by those who seek to make use of this power.

In this world, a secret organization slowly establishes itself in resistance to this. Valuing discipline, enlightenment, and balance, this organization seeks to cultivate and control the use of the magical arts, and wean the people of the world away from it, teaching them to be dependant on their own powers and the natural gifts that lie within us all. Calling themselves Alma Nostra, or "Our Soul", this group is met with opposition by those who have become accustomed to the prestige and conveniance magic provides them, but in the city of Rebus, Alma Nostra has managed to create an uneasy balance.

In Rebus, magic is carefully policed by Aerie, a special branch of Alma Nostra specializing in the control of magical item trade and the illegal usage of magic. Led by the mysterious Alma, they patrol the dark streets of Rebus, rooting out malicious wizards and breaking up magic item smuggling rings through use of psionic power.


Race: Appears to be human
Gender: Female
Class: Unknown
Age: Unknown, but appears quite old
Alignment: Unknown

Alma is the leader of Aerie, and the founder of Alma Nostra. Not much is known about her, but those in Aerie see her as a kind and wise matriarch.

Adrian Lametalle
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Harmonizer
Age: 25
Alignment: Unknown

Adrian has been a member of Aerie for some time. Although Alma is ultimately the final authority, Adrian is the one who is generally recognized as the team leader among Aerie. He is a mysterious young man with blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and an eccentric but refined fashion sense. He is congenial and very open, perhaps a trait developed because of his ability to link minds with others and bring others closer together. However, he is also quite mysterious at times, leaving some to wonder just how sincere the young man truly is. Adrian's codename is 'Halcyon".

Race: Rilkan
Gender: Male
Class: Nomad
Age: 30
Alignment: Neutral Good

Ahriman is a member of Alma Nostra who was recently transferred to Aerie at Alma's request. He is exceptionally talented with the use of timespace alteration powers, and is well read and learned. He knows a great deal about history, the nature of psionics, and about the planes and dimensions. He is always accompanied by his psicrystal Chaylon, and the warforged Disa. Although he is often very cerebral, he is also gregarious and has a dry sense of humor. He enjoys conversation, and in his spare time, he studies political science and collects wine. Ahriman's codename is "Swallow".

Camui Azuhara
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Monk
Age: 31
Alignment: Lawful Good

Camui is also a member of Aerie, although she began her career as a martial artist in the lands far east of Rebus. Camui is a contemplative woman, who prefers to sit back and observe a situation before becoming directly involved. She is very obediant to her superiors, loyal to her teammates, and self-motivated to hone her talents. She has a personal stake in Aerie's business, as she lost her family to a plague created by a reckless sorcerer. Camui has a weird relationship with Tyler, and calls him "Dodo", rather than his codename. Her own codename is "Crane".

Race: Warforged
Gender: Considers herself female
Class: Psychic Warrior
Age: Unknown
Alignment: True Neutral

Disa is a warforged warrior who is always seen with Ahriman. The two of them came to Alma Nostra 6 years ago, and apparently have a long history with each other. Disa sees Ahriman as a caretaker of sorts, and never questions his motives or goals. However, Disa sometimes exhibits strange behavior, in which she makes cryptic statements and references to things that have never happened. She tends to project her empathy towards the magic items they collect, always saddened when one needs to be destroyed. She claims this is because they remind her of herself in some way. Rumor has it that Ahriman may have created Disa long ago, although neither individual has ever answered any inquiries about this topic. Originally, Ahriman and Alma had assigned her the codename "Bluebird", but Disa protested, and changed it to "Egg".

Luka Romanov
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Wilder
Age: 17
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Luka is a young man living in Rebus who used to be a member of a gang. However, when his gang leader Tiamat came into possession of an object called a Lesser Annulus, he ended up fighting his gang, and undertaking a personal mission to eliminate all of the Lesser Annulus. Luka is a spontaneous boy, prone to emotional outbursts and attitudinal behavior. In his young body, however, sleeps a dangerous and reckless power. After meeting up with Aerie, Luka was taken into the organization by Alma, who seeks to hone the boy's mighty power. Luka has not been given a codename as of yet.

Tyler "Oberon"
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Spellthief
Age: 17
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Tyler is the newest recruit to Aerie, and the most unusual of them. He not only has no shred of psionic talent, but is also a user of arcane magic. However, his unusual ability to steal spells and magical energy away from other casters has intrigued Alma, who seeks to use him in order to better suppress the use of magic in her city. As a form of payment for his services, Tyler is permitted to use magic without penalty of law, and was awarded a Class S license for the use of magic items. Tyler grew up in a prestigious family, but seems to have abandoned his old life. He and Camui know each other from someplace in their past. Tyler's codename is "Albatross", but he insists on being called the "Eternal Gigalo."
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